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Intricate bridal henna by Priya Designs

Bridal Henna

Whether you are looking for an intricate regal design or you would like a simple modern look, Priya can help you achieve your vision for your wedding day. Every bride is unique.  Priya will get to know you and your style in order to help you create a beautiful bridal henna design.

Party henna by Priya Designs

Party Henna

Party henna is a staple of mehndi and sangeet nights.  It is also a fun addition to many other events such as birthdays, bachelorettes and parties.

bridal henna application

Booking Process

Priya will ensure that your bridal and party henna is a seamless process.  Booking our services is simple.  The first step is to complete the form via the link below.  Priya will review your inquiry and get in touch with you to finalize your henna booking.

  • How to achieve and maintain a dark henna stain?
    In order to get the best henna stain possible, you must nurture your henna design. Step 1: Exfoliate and wax at least 1 day prior to your henna application Step 2: Do not apply any lotion, oils, or gels the day of your henna application. Step 3: Wash your skin with soap and water where the henna is being applied before the application. Step 4: During your henna application keep yourself warm. (Example: Sitting by a heater or fireplace. Step 5: After your henna is applied, help it to stick to and continue to stain your skin by using a lemon/sugar mixture. When the henna paste is completely dry but before it begins to show signs of cracking apply the henna/sugar mixture. This mixture consists of 1 tsp of sugar mixed with the juice of 1 half of a lemon. This mixture can be applied with a spray bottle or dabbed on with a cotton pad. You may have to repeat this process multiple times. Store the mixture in the fridge and warm up for 5-10 second before application. Step 6: Leave the henna paste on for as long as possible. Minimum setting time is 3 hours and the optimal setting time is 8 hours. Step 7: The henna paste can be removed by letting it flake off on its own, scraping it off with the back of a butter knife or your hand, It is recommended for your comfort and the stain development to rub warm olive oil over the design prior to removing the paste. Step 8: Protect your henna stain and help the stain development over the next 48 hours by doing the following: - Avoid water and any abrasive contact with the skin - Rub a waxy balm into the skin covering the entire henna stain prior to showering or wear gloves. - Keep your skin moisturized! It delays exfoliation which can cause your henna stain to fade and it keeps your skin silky smooth since henna can be drying.
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